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Digital Dating Services – One expert says you can find love and a date away from the screen by taking a break from dating apps and websites for a month. Another suggests that you focus on the quirks of potential partners instead of the features. In this article, we will explore how Mixmosa and Chorus can help you find someone special without being stuck in front of a computer screen. But don’t despair, the world of digital dating is not without its problems.

Speed dating is a way to find love away from a screen

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When it comes to speed dating, you don’t have time to waste on a long and awkward conversation with an online dating site. Speed dating works best when you’re able to meet multiple people at one time, so presenting yourself as a real person is an effective way to get to know other people. Don’t overshare about yourself, because this could put you at risk. Instead, consider putting together a list of desirable qualities you’d like in a date.

Speed dating has become popular in major cities, and many people enjoy it. Choose a speed dating event that suits your location, budget, and personal preferences. Just be sure to check the safety of speed dating groups before joining one. The companies should prioritize the safety of their members and do a thorough background check on applicants to avoid dangerous people. In addition, the company should have a strict selection process to prevent violent criminals.

Chorus is a digital dating service

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If you’re tired of swiping on dating apps, you may want to try Chorus. This new digital dating service pairs people together in five-minute video chats before a date. You can become a matchmaker or a dater and select your criteria. If you’d prefer to be a matchmaker, you can sign up for the service with a friend.

Chorus allows users to upload up to six photos. These should show off who you are and be clear and unambiguous. Users can also add additional details to flesh out their profile, such as hobbies, music, and what kind of person they’re looking for. Unlike many dating apps, you can respond to prompts to find out more about a potential date before setting up a real date.

Tinder’s monopoly is preventing digital dating from evolving

The rise of Tinder has created a monopoly in the online dating space, with its competitors unable to compete without copying its designs and marketing strategies. This is a problem for millions of online daters, since Tinder’s target audience is hip, young, and attractive. Loveflutter, on the other hand, aims to attract people who aren’t shy or prone to duckface. However, this monopoly is preventing digital dating services from evolving.

Despite the advances in safety features, the monopoly of Tinder has a negative impact on the industry. It has been known for sexual predators to find victims using dating apps and news investigations have found that there are no standards for reporting harm. Tinder’s new video chat feature makes it much easier to verify a person’s identity and trustworthiness. Further, the feature prevents false identities.


If you’re one of those who are tired of the endless swiping that goes on in online dating, then it’s time to stop! A new dating service is aiming to help you stop wasting your time and energy on dating apps. The concept behind this app is simple: instead of meeting someone based on appearance, you should learn more about their personality and quirks before meeting them in person. Not only that, but you can chat with them without having to see their face if you’re uncomfortable doing so. S’More is now live in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

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