How to Stay Friends With Your Ex After the Breakup

When your ex is still a friend, you might be wondering how to stay friends with your ex after the breakup. Keeping your feelings in perspective is essential, and setting boundaries is one way to stay open and honest. You can always change your boundaries at a later date. Setting boundaries while remaining friends with your ex will make the whole process go much smoother. Here are some tips to keep your friendship intact:

Setting boundaries


To stay friends with your ex, you must first set certain boundaries that you will honor. These boundaries may be physical, emotional, time or energetic. The boundaries that you set will depend on your own circumstances, but if you can respect these boundaries, you can stay friends with your ex indefinitely. However, it is crucial to remember that setting boundaries is not the same as being mean or selfish. You should still be nice to your ex, and you should list your reasons why you need to protect yourself from hurting your ex’s feelings.

Another important boundary is that you must stay away from talking about your past relationship. It is perfectly acceptable to be friends with your ex, but don’t flirt with him or her. If your ex has feelings for you, they can rekindle them. If this happens, it will be very risky for one party. In a platonic relationship, you should treat your ex like any other friend, and not try to attract their attention by being too flirty or romantic.

Keeping feelings in perspective

You might wonder whether you can stay friends with your ex, especially if the relationship ended on good terms. You may enjoy hanging out with your ex and share similar interests, and you’re not quite ready to let go of these moments. If you want to remain friends with your ex, keep these tips in mind. It’s a good idea to maintain a sense of maturity, however, and avoid becoming too close to your ex.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re in a new relationship, you shouldn’t stay friends with your ex. It is not only unfair to your new partner but to your ex as well. So it’s best to stay out of your ex’s way for now, and focus on your new relationship instead. You’ll both be happier for it.

Avoiding awkward situations


While remaining friends with your ex can be rewarding, it is also important to remember that the friendship must be platonic and not based on rekindling the romance. Don’t secretly harbor hopes for a reunion as this will only complicate the friendship. Instead, communicate your feelings and respect your ex’s boundaries. A good friendship takes time to grow and you don’t want to put your friendship at risk by ignoring your feelings.

Don’t feel pressured to engage in conversation with your ex. Being polite and respectful will make the situation less awkward for everyone. Similarly, ensuring that your ex is comfortable with you can help you keep your head high in awkward situations. Lastly, don’t forget to establish boundaries and respect your ex’s privacy. This will go a long way in keeping your friendship and your relationship healthy.

Keeping openness

If you’re wondering how to keep openness when remaining friends with your ex, there are some tips to follow. Keeping openness and honesty with your ex will ensure that the relationship does not degenerate into drama. In fact, staying friends with your ex may actually help your relationship pick up again. Read on to find out why. And don’t worry if you don’t get your ex back right away.

After a breakup, it can be hard to move on. It’s difficult to get over the thought of dating someone who you once dated. Not only is it painful to talk about, but it’s also distracting and can lead to inappropriate behavior. Staying friends with your ex can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. With some guidance, you’ll soon find that you can stay friends with your ex and feel comfortable again.


You must be able to forgive your ex before you can begin the process of forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made during the relationship. If you want to remain friends with your ex, you need to apologize to them for hurting you in the past. After all, it was your mistake that caused the breakup. But by learning to forgive yourself, you can move forward to a new chapter in your life. Here are a few ways to go about this.

A friendship with your ex will be much easier if you’re over the relationship. Try avoiding bringing up your old relationship, or blaming your ex for breaking up with you. If your ex wants to make friends with you, be sure to respect their decision. If you don’t feel comfortable keeping friendship with your ex, you might not be able to work out a reconciliation. But if you’re mature enough, staying friends with your ex is the best option.